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About Sylvain:

As a French Voice Over Artist from Paris, Sylvain’s voice has appeared throughout North America and Europe in numerous films, radio and television spots debuting on channels such as "Netflix", "arte.TV" , "Trace.TV", Ria Canada Financial Services (Full production of an E-Learning Non-Broadcast Voice Over since June 2016), "Facebook" , "Audible", "Beachbody" (645 promo in french )through commercials, documentary narration, websites and audio books. He works closely with producers in a professional manner in order to help them correctly communicate their message to the world. 

 He also worked as a French Language Consultant with numerous individuals and businesses on a variety of projects for various clients such as YouTube (Translation in 2015) , Ria Canada Financial Services (Translation). Some of his projects have included; creation of film subtitles, product labeling, website translation, song lyric translation, text editing as well as writing in the target language French

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